My Mother Has Decided To Move To Georgia

My family is pretty large, but most of them live In Georgia. My grandmother settled here in Boston in the mid-1960s with my mom and uncle. Everyone else stayed behind down South. She brought her two children and decided to live in a place that was a bit faster than she was used to. My mom had four children and my uncle never had any, so there are only seven of us here.

I could never imagine picking up and living elsewhere, but that is what my mother has decided to do. She went to visit her half-sister about three and a half months ago and it gave her a new life perspective. She thinks that she has lived a fairly fast life because of the environment we live in and she has decided to do something about that. Apparently, she will be moving to Georgia in the next 12-18 months.

My little sister is not happy about this decision at all. She has always lived here and the prospect of being somewhere new is not very appealing to her. We talked about it yesterday and I told her that she will have to accept it and embrace the idea since there is no way my mom will ever change her mind. I told her that people’s attitudes seem to be more mellow in Georgia, so she will probably get into less fights than she has in this neighborhood.

I figured if I mom decided to move to Atlanta it would not be so bad, but she is not going there. She said that she is trying to decide between Monroe and Winder. These are two pretty small towns that are probably off the radar. When I asked why, she said it is because many of our extended family live there, so she would not be forced into living somewhere without any life raft. I guess that is fine, but I think having them in driving distance would have been just as effective.

I will miss my mother when she is gone, but there is no way that I will pack up everything and move with her. I will stay here in Boston with my grandmother. I like the South and visiting is pretty awesome, but when it comes to making a home there, the thought is not as appealing to me as it is to her.