My Family Is From Georgia

I am one of those people who takes pride in the fact that I am from a large city. I was born and raised in Boston and I live not too far from there right now. With that said, I have a Southern mentality when it comes to certain things since my family is from Georgia. For instance, the food that I cook is that which is commonly served in that area.

I used to visit my relatives there when I was much younger, but I do not feel like that had too much of an impact on me. This is probably because most of these trips were taken when I was too young to actually remember them. The only time I can recall going there and coming back with memories would be when I visited in 1990. It was the summer after I completed the 5th grade.

The environment there is much more pleasant than here. I believe that every person we came across had manners and the place seemed cleaner as far as a lack of debris on the street. Even so, it was not the kind of environment I could see myself living in for a long time. Some people like quiet times in an low-key area, but I am used to things like arguments over traffic and seeing people hanging out in front of the local convenience store. There was nothing wrong with the place, but I felt that it was a better fit for visits.

A few years ago some of my relatives came to Massachusetts for the first time. One of my uncles was so excited about the city that I am surprised he did not make any plans to move here. My other uncle was so horrified by the speed of everything here that he spent most of his time on the phone acting like he was going to die if he was forced to hang out with us. My aunt was similar to me in the sense where she enjoyed herself, but she said she would never want to live here full-time.

I embrace the fact that my grandmother was from Georgia and she came here in order to build a different type of life than the rest of her family. This has led to me being a city girl who can cook soul food just as well as someone who was raised in a small town in the South.