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My Mother Has Decided To Move To Georgia

My family is pretty large, but most of them live In Georgia. My grandmother settled here in Boston in the mid-1960s with my mom and uncle. Everyone else stayed behind down South. She brought her two children and decided to live in a place that was a bit faster than she was used to. My mom had four children and my uncle never had any, so there are only seven of us here.

I could never imagine picking up and living elsewhere, but that is what my mother has decided to do. She went to visit her half-sister about three and a half months ago and it gave her a new life perspective. She thinks that she has lived a fairly fast life because of the environment we live in and she has decided to do something about that. Apparently, she will be moving to Georgia in the next 12-18 months.

My little sister...

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My Family Is From Georgia

I am one of those people who takes pride in the fact that I am from a large city. I was born and raised in Boston and I live not too far from there right now. With that said, I have a Southern mentality when it comes to certain things since my family is from Georgia. For instance, the food that I cook is that which is commonly served in that area.

I used to visit my relatives there when I was much younger, but I do not feel like that had too much of an impact on me. This is probably because most of these trips were taken when I was too young to actually remember them. The only time I can recall going there and coming back with memories would be when I visited in 1990. It was the summer after I completed the 5th grade.

The environment there is much more pleasant than here...

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Moving To Georgia? Here’s What You Need To Know

Moving interstate is a challenge. You can never know what to expect from your new home, what kind of people you’re going to meet, and what entertainment opportunities you’re going to find in your new location. This is why most people shy away from moving to another state, even though this means they refuse some amazing career opportunities.

However, bold individuals would grab all opportunities that come their way, so they would surely move to Georgia or to any other state, if they were presented some amazing advantages. If you’re in this situation, here are a few facts you may want to know before moving to Georgia.

First of all, your children are going to have access to high quality education, as this state is home to many reputable universities and colleges...

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